Two engineers from Gdańsk set up a small workshop company named “MORPAK” Gasket Factory, in Sopot 15 employees manually produced head gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets for automotive and railway applications, the basic material they used was asbestos paper board
1950 As most private enterprises in Poland at the time MORPAK is taken over by National Industry Management and moved to Gdańsk parts of MORPAK production range were obligatorily moved to other factories in the country (Simmer rings, copper gaskets, asbestos-copper rings, spiral wound gaskets)
Technological and production department is created, also mechanical – tooling house beginning of production of rubber-metal Simmer rings and spiral wound gaskets (for ship boilers, machine tools, tractors, farming and building machinery)
1968 Beginning of production for FIAT 125

National Union of the Automotive Industry in Warsaw takes charge of MORPAK and changes its name to POLMO-MORPAK further investments take place: drill, ventilation to prevent from asbestos pollution, feeders
1978 Manufacture of gaskets for LEYLAND engines based on new technology (gluing asbestos paper with metal core followed by multiple varnishing) MORPAK starts building a new plant
1982 Purchase of a paper plant in Łapino and its modernisation beginning of production of asbestos-caoutchouc paper used for gasket board
1991 First trials of non-asbestos production
1994 Ownership transformation into limited liability company
1997 Beginning of ISO 9001 Management System implementation
1998 ISO 9001 certification (march 1998) further work and investments
2000 Plans of ISO 14 000 environment Management System implementation currently underway
2001 ISO 9001:2000 certification as well as ecological menagement system ISO 14001 implementation
2002 Running production first assembly head gaskets for “ZAZ” Ukraine
2004 ISO/TS 16949 certification
2008 ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certyfication
2008 Acquisition of majority shareholding of the company belonging to the Industrial Development Agency by AUTO LAND Sp. z o. o.
2010 Transfer of production from Gdańsk to Łapino
2010 Acquisition of production and beginning of Wytwórnia Uszczelek’’MORPAK” Paweł Jaworski
2011 65th anniversary of the establishment